VESA Mount Adapter Plate for TV Mounts, 4 VESA Patterns

$ 12.99
Conversion Kit for VESA Patterns 200 x 100 mm, 75 x 75 mm, 100 x 100 mm, and 200 x 100 mm


VESA Mount Adapter Plate for 200 x 100 mm VESA Patterns | Conversion Kit for 75 x 75 and 100 x 100 mm VESA Patterns to 200 x 100 mm VESA Patterns


Included Hardware
  • Adapter Bracket
  • Adapter Plate Screws (4)
  • Adapter Plate Nuts (4)
  • Short M4 Screws (4)
  • Long M4 Screws (4)
  • Short M5 Screws (4)
  • Long M5 Screws (4)
  • H Short M6 Screws (4)
  • I Long M6 Screws (4)
  • J M4 Washers (4)
  • K Nylon Spacers (8)
Tools Needed for Installation
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Adjustable Wrench

101-2041 Manual


Manual PDF download

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Customer Reviews

Based on 129 reviews
Problem Solver!

So, I bought a new TV and figured I was all set to get it hooked up to my mount. Imagine my surprise when I noticed the mount, I had was not wide enough to fit. What to do?!?! Well, I was about to return it when I decided to look for a way to make the mount fit, and this was it. I ordered it for overnight delivery, slapped the included screws on to attach it to my existing mount, and it attached to my new TV with no issues.Odds are my mount probably came with some adapter, but I've had it a minute, or two, and most likely tossed it at some point. This little item is aa perfect replacement and compared to some of the adapters on her that look like a strip of metal with a couple holes in each end, more secure and trustworthy.

Brandon T.
Does the job

Product arrived with the clear plastic box cracked and the contents starting to escape into the shipping envelope.Bracket seems solid, but then again it is just a single piece of flat steel with no moving parts.The shape of the bracket (specifically the top and bottom curves on the butterfly wing shapes of each corner) kept it from fitting into the 200x100mm rectangle for the VESA mount on my monitor. Now, the actual holes on the bracket are correct, and it will work fine for any flush mount, but for a recessed mount it may or may not fit. (I'm mounting a Samsung SyncMaster 245BW, it's an older monitor, but VESA standard is supposed to be VESA standard)I was able to get things to work by using the nylon spacers, and it seems secure, but it's definitely a hacky solution.Pro: works, is solid, seems sturdyCons: packaging is junk and parts might go missing in shipping, contours of bracket mean it may or may not fit your screen if the mount is recessed (flush mounts should be fine).

Joseph Morales
Just what I needed

Used to attach a monitor with a recessed Versa mount to a floating desk mount. Worked perfectly.

V. Guevara
Affordable solution to reuse old wall mount

This plate worked well with an old wall mount 100x100 VESA, and a 200x300 VESA Tv. Luckily I was able to use 3 different sets of screws and nuts that came with the plate without having to go buy anything additional. Read your TV and your current wall mouth weight requirements and maximum weight limitations before you make a purchase.

Gary Morgan
Works well for VESA 100x200 application with a little help.

Happy with the plate itself but felt the "adapter plate screws" provided were a little lite for the job. Attaching the plate with M5 or M6 bolts then using the small bolts provided to attach the plate to my TV mount seemed not sturdy enough to my application in a motorhome where the mount would be subject to vibration and road wear. I found #10 bolts with nuts fit the adapter holes perfectly. I used 8 #10 bolts with washers and nuts to secure the plate to my mount. See pictures. Might be a little overkill but better than what was provided.

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