Aluminum Headphone Stand

$ 29.99 $ 60.00

The minimalist aluminum headphone stand is a sleek addition to your workspace that proudly displays your headphones. The solid aluminum body is finished in an anodized Space Gray color to match your MacBook and the rest of the HumanCentric Desk System. Finished with a matching silicone pad to protect the headphones when placed on the stand.

Note that the Apple AirPods Max are a darker shade of Space Gray than other Apple products and will be slightly darker than the stand, creating a dramatic contrast when displaying your headphones.

Works with most brands of headphones including Apple, Bose, Sony, and more.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 5.66" x 3.53" x 9.11" 

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"Stunning stand"

This stand is amazing quality and looks stunning on my desk. It's almost like a little sculpture! It functions very well. It holds my headphones and takes clutter potential and instead gives you a beautiful place to stay organized. Definitely recommend.


" Great Design, Perfect Stand For Headphones"

Whether it's headphones for your gaming console or your computer it always seems like they are getting in the way by just sitting on the desk or shelf. These days a headset holder is pretty much a must to keep things neat and organized. This stand by HumanCentric is definitely one to check out. With a very stylish clean look, it holds a pair of headphones very well and is sturdy, and won't topple over.

-Nathan R.

"Gorgeous and Functional"

I'm an engineer. I love things that are functional, and tend to shy away from things that are just "glitzy" without purpose... I've been thinking about getting a stand or support of some kind for [my headphones], but kept finding things with a variety of "gimmicks" and so forth, all of which seemed like they'd get knocked over with a minor bump.So, seeing this, I like what I saw, a lot. It's pretty much just solid aluminum, with a quality finish and a stable, sturdy base. Minimalist, yet classy. I received it yesterday and immediately put it to use. And I can't see NOT using it for the foreseeable future.

-Cary B.

sleek and minimal

But Weight - There's More

Minimalist design coupled with a weighted base ensure that your headphones are proudly displayed without risking a fall.

works for any workspace

Adaptable Style

The minimalist design aesthetic works well in any workspace.

adaptable design

Works with Most Headphones

The minimalist design works well with virtually any headphones. Stand is 9" tall, check your headphones before ordering.