We're dedicated to helping people do their best work.

We're passionate about work. We believe that work is central to the human experience and one of the main ways that we contribute to the world. People who have the opportunity to do their best work make a bigger impact and lead more fulfilling lives.


What is Work?

Work is the process of creating something of value for someone else. It's the result of applying our skills and talents - our potential – to an actual task. When our energy is focused effectively – and the amount that’s wasted is minimized - we're able to do our best work and create the most value for others.

So if work is the output of human energy, when we improve the way we work, we conserve our most precious natural resource.

Doing Your Best Work Impacts All of Us

It Impacts You

You have an innate desire to reach your potential and contribute as much as possible to our world. When you don’t have the opportunity to do your best work, it can make you feel frustrated and stifled.

But when you do get the opportunity to do your best work, you're more engaged, create better outcomes, and improve your overall wellbeing.

It Impacts Society

We depend on the talent and creativity of individuals to produce the innovations that drive our world forward and solve our most pressing challenges. Individual wellbeing carries over to society as a whole. We are social creatures and are affected by those around us.

The lack of engagement at work has significant negative impacts on our society, including financial, productivity, and health issues. So when you're doing your best work, you impact all of us.

Doing Your Best Work Requires the Right Environment

Your work environment is the combination of your workspace and your workplace. We believe that the right workplace structure and a well designed physical workspace can unlock your natural talent and potential.

Put people in the right role to help them grow.

Help a person discover and develop their skills, then align them with an opportunity where they can fully invest them.

Use their time and energy with respect.

Eliminate the wasteful items that reduce their ability to contribute. Things like workplace politics and emotional battles, needlessly rigid schedules and policies, bureaucratic decision making, and useless tasks drain creative energy, focus, and motivation.

Optimize their physical workspace.

Ensure they have a space for work that is designed around ergonomics, productivity, and aesthetics. Creating a space to support their optimal physical and mental state helps them stay focused and energized throughout the day so they can do their best work.

Our Products

Improving the Workspace Experience

When setting up our home offices, we weren’t able to find the products that we wanted to create a workspace that we’d love to work in. So we decided to design our own. Each and every product we design is focused on improving the workspace experience to make it more ergonomic, productive, and aesthetic.

We’re a fully-remote team committed to the benefits of independent, asynchronous work.

Our core product team is based in the Chicago area, but we’re a fully remote company based in five countries around the world. We’re passionate about building a high-performing, fully engaged group of talented individuals who create amazing products for our customers.

"I think HumanCentric products are really cool. They’re obviously well-made and durable, and people really seem to appreciate them. From their wall mounts to their speakers, HumanCentric creates unique and appealing products that go the distance and look great in your space."
— Honest Brand Reviews