Wrist Rest

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Aluminum and synthetic leather palm or wrist rest, perfectly sized for the Apple Magic Keyboard (without number pad).

Dimensions: 11.18" x 2.85" x 0.49"

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Beautiful design aesthetic, VERY happy with this piece.

It’s everything I expected it be in both form and function. It could be a bit softer - like a thin gel or foam insert, but that’s far from a dealbreaker.


Wrist Rest

Aesthetically pleasing, moderately comfortable

The Humancentric wrist pad for Apple Magic TKL keypads looks really nice. The base aluminum material looks really good with other Mac products. The leatherette cover is soft to the touch and pleasant for a non-leather material. The length of the wrist rest is exactly that of the keyboard, but I would have liked the inside border of the ret to be square and flush with the keyboard. The rest is very firm and provides good support but I found it too high for the Magic Keyboard and too short for other taller keyboards. For long typing sessions I did not find this rest particularly great. It looks great, like all of the other Humancentric products, but it is just kind of so so at its job.


Not that comfy. Returning

Good for smaller keyboards, definitely not full-sized

[ Packaging ]Minimal packaging. I like how little material was shipped with it! (1) box, (1) sheer wrapping paper, (1) wrist pad[ The Good ]The construction is beautiful. I really like the faux leather, and metal combination. It's firm, and feels pretty good on my wrists. The grip on the bottom does a good job of preventing slippage, although when it gets dirty, it can lose some traction. Easy to clean tho and fix that. Looks good with the rest of my electronics & accessories.The height is good. It rises my wrists enough to correct bending. My arms are straight using this wrist-pad and Mac keyboards.[ What Could Be Better ]I think I would really prefer a full-length version. Even knowing it's meant for a smaller keyboard, I type wide. It's just a preference I guess.I think the design would have benefited from a different design for the ends. If I happen to put too much weight on either end, it causes the wrist pad to rise. It doesn’t happen that often, but enough to make a comment about it. If the ends were curved down, I believe it would be better that way.[ Takeaway ]At this price point, it's a bit expensive! That said, it does feel very quality & expensive. To reiterate, I think the only flaw is the design of the ends, because they curve up and make it susceptible to lift up like a skateboard. Other than that, it's very nice. I think it's a decent buy if you have more expensive tastes for a wrist-pad.

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