Intellectual Property

HumanCentric is a leading innovator in the technology mounting market, and we invest heavily in the development and testing of new products.  Our lab has hundreds of the latest electronic devices and advanced prototyping equipment that we use to produce our unique, top-performing, and high-quality products.  As any entrepreneur knows, innovating is expensive.

Therefore, HumanCentric invests heavily in intellectual property protection in the form of patents and trademarks - both in the US and internationally.  While we welcome fellow innovators who invest time, energy, and resources in developing improved products for consumers, we do not appreciate those companies who infringe on our intellectual property by copying our products.

Unfortunately, we have been forced to enforce our rights multiple times in the recent past.  This has resulted in:

  • Suspension of multiple sellers from
  • Removal of multiple offending products from marketplaces including Amazon and eBay
  • Penalties and suspensions levied against sellers for copyright violations due to unauthorized use of HumanCentric’s content
  • Legal action against foreign manufacturers of the infringing products
  • Customs enforcement to stop the import of infringing products (which delays the entire shipment of goods)

We retain top legal counsel in multiple countries and actively monitor the market for infringing competitors to ensure that the mounting device market is open to everyone who truly invests time and money in developing superior products.

Before releasing a product, we carefully assess the intellectual property of our competitors and then invest significant time and effort in creating a product that we truly believe is superior to the existing products on the market and steers clear of any intellectual property violations.  We highly suggest that any other entrants into the market follow this same process, as the “quick and easy” method of copying someone else’s products has proven to be quite expensive - even to the point of putting your entire business at risk.



Our designs and instruction manuals represent significant investment by our company, and are protected by trade dress and copyright laws. Do not copy any aspect of our designs or instruction manuals.  The HumanCentric trademark, as well as other trademarks used by HumanCentric, are also protected by trademark laws.