VESA Adapter for HP Pavilion Monitors

$ 19.99 $ 27.99
Fits HP Pavilion 25xi, 25bw, 25vx, 27xi, 27bw, and 27vx

Product Description

Bought an HP Pavilion monitor and disappointed that you can't VESA mount it? This bracket enables you to mount select HP Pavilion monitors to a desk mount, articulating arm, or any other VESA mounting system.

Fits ONLY the following HP Monitors:

  • 25xi
  • 25bw
  • 25vx
  • 27xi
  • 27bw
  • 27vx

**DOES NOT FIT ANY OTHER BRANDS OR MODELS. Check to make sure your monitor is listed before ordering! **

Fits Standard VESA Hole Patterns: 75 mm x 75 mm, 100 mm x 100 mm

The only tool required for installation is a screwdriver that fits the screws that came with your VESA mount.

A VESA mount can be used to save desk space or provide additional viewing flexibility by mounting the monitor on a stand, movable arm, multiple-monitor mount, or a wall mount.


Included Hardware
  • Mounting bracket
  • (4) VESA screws

101-1004-V2 Manual

Item Weight

1.1 pounds

VESA Pattern

75mm x 75mm and 100mm x 100mm

Used by the best in the world

Customer Reviews

Based on 113 reviews
Jeremy Polfleit
Great Product

Couldn’t find this else where, great product, support and instructions!

good support

The mount adapter fits the monitor perfectly, it's a little difficult to take out the original one and install it with caution.

Melinda A Fauss
Works with HP 27VX monitor

Clicks in where the monitor stand currently clicks in but be advised that it makes the monitor heavy. I had purchased this to use with a dual screen monitor mount and it made my monitor too heavy for the arm. Otherwise, it's a great product. Also note that the circle on the back is not sticky! It's just there for support.

Aussie Coop

Works great. Just what I needed to add my HP monitor to a twin monitor stand.

It works. Adhesion is irrelevant.

The little rubber pad on the screw is not supposed to "adhere" to the monitor. It is supposed to be extended out to press against the monitor and keep it from flopping around. Since other reviewers mentioned the thing not "sticking" I would suggest that they reread the installation instructions. This is a perfectly adequate solution for a really glaring design flaw in the some monitors by HP including the Pavilion 27xi (my monitor). Some HP engineer who slept through "Common Sense 101" thought that it would be a great idea to leave the VESA mounting screw holes off of this particular model. That means that somebody else had to design some sort of awkward convoluted solution for anyone wanting to use wall mounts or similar alternatives to free up desk space. The pictures I have included show how this thing is mounted and my setup with dual wall-mounted monitors. I think the center of gravity is too low for these monitors, but that is HP's fault, not the maker of this adapter.

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