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  • Full HD 1920 x 1080 IPS HumanCentric portable monitors: Connect this display as a 1080P second monitor for laptop MacBook or PC in laptop screen extender or mirror display modes. Work on the go with a travel friendly portable external monitor that quickly connects. This portable laptop monitor turns your computer into a dual screen laptop in a conference room, airport, hotel, coffee shop, or home. Works in both landscape and portrait mode.

  • Highly compatible and easy to configure USB C monitor: Connect HumanCentric portable monitors to PC or MacBook laptops for a laptop second screen. The portable USB monitor is powered by your laptop's USB-C port or included power adapter. Only one cable is required to use as a portable monitor for MacBook Pro, Microsoft Surface, Dell XPS and other popular laptops with USB-C ports. Laptop portable monitor features adjustable brightness, contrast, black level and sharpness.

  • Ultra slim, lightweight design with built-in magnetic smart protective cover: The 15.6 inch travel monitor is 14.5 inches wide by 9 inches tall with only 0.5 inches of depth for a light and easy to carry portable computer monitor. The magnetic smart cover with a durable PU leather exterior and protective soft lining interior allows the portable monitor to carry safely in a small computer bag or backpack. It has two upright positions of 25 and 40 degrees depending on your desired viewing angle.

  • Additional features and specifications: Dual speakers provide audio for videos, music, presentations, and gaming. Includes a 3.5mm audio output jack for headphones. Displays 4:3 and wide aspect ratios. Low blue light and HDR (high dynamic range) modes. The HumanCentric laptop monitor is not a bluetooth monitor or wireless monitor.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: USB C portable monitor, USB C display is highly compatible but may be limited by the capabilities of your device. It does not have a battery and is meant to be powered by your computer's USB-C port. The included power adapter is required when using HDMI because HDMI ports do not transmit power. Advanced users may be able to use the portable display with other devices such as video game consoles and mobile phones. Consult the manufacturer's technical specs for your device.


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mark lykins
Great monitor for remote workers.

I love this monitor. Working remotely (at a co-working facility) I was missing the multiple screen set-up I had at my office. I could have used traditional, extra monitors, but didn't want to deal with the weight, multiple cords, or carry cases. That is when I found the Humancentric portable monitor. The screen is the same size as my Dell laptop. Resolution and colors are equal to my Dell laptop too. I now have a 2-monitor remote work setup equal to others.

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