HumanCentric Desktop Speaker Stands Wedge Pair, Small

$ 27.99 $ 33.00
  • Made of premium silicone
  • Small size
  • Black
  • Angle your speakers for a better audio experience
  • Dimensions: wedge platform measures 3.86” x 5.37”. Base measures 3.86” x 6.24” x 1.88”




Product Description

  • Immerse yourself in sound with a desktop speaker stand pair: The silicone speaker stands angle your computer speakers with an upward tilt of 15 degrees for the optimal listening experience. A tilted speaker wedge stand improves the audio quality by directing the sound towards your ears. With angled speakers you’ll be able to better hear higher frequencies which are very directional.
  • High quality material, minimalist design: each desktop speaker stand is made of premium silicone. The black color and low profile design fits any desk or tabletop where you already have your speakers.
  • Designed to greatly reduce speaker vibration: get the sound clarity you need with angled speaker stands on your desk. These desktop speaker stands provide an extremely stable base to avoid speaker movement or shifting after placement. Your computer speakers mount in seconds by simply placing them on top of each wedge.
  • Enjoy high-fidelity audio with a small speaker angle wedge: Compatible with A2+, A1, HD3, and other comparably sized desktop speakers.
  • Dimensions and sizing: The small speaker riser platform of the wedge measures 3.86” x 5.37”. The base measures 3.86” x 6.24” x 1.88”. It fits computer, bookshelf, desktop, monitor, speakers for PC gaming, and studio speakers of this size and slightly larger. Includes two speaker stands.

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Customer Reviews

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Perfect angle for creating Atmos Speakers

Perfect angle for creating Atmos Speakers

Bob H.
Can handle heavy speakers.

I bought this to hold a pair of Micca RB42 speakers on a desktop. These are heavy, 8 pounds each, compact speakers. They are not wide speakers but are quite deep so they hang over the front of these stands by a few inches. The stands get the job done, holding the speakers without concern for buckling. The also do a great job isolating the speakers from the desk. They look good too.The sidewalls are not very stiff on these stands but for handling the weight of speakers that are just going to sit and not be jostled or bumped, these stands are great.

B. Rabiega

Did the trick!


Work great with my satellite speakers. Just a bit soft on the sides, but they elevate those speakers and angle them perfectly for us! No regrets!

Works perfectly for my PreSonus E3.5 Speakers

After getting some new speakers for Christmas, I got them on my desk and found they definitely need to be pointed up and so I went looking for some stands and found these that work perfectly! They don't take up too much space, angle the speakers up so they are actually pointed at my ears (still a bit low for my height, but sliding back to listen after I record, produce or mix something isn't a huge deal and I'm getting a monitor stand to raise them up more) so they sound better instead of a bit muffled. Not only that but because they're silicone they minimize vibration on my desk which I am very glad for!For my speaker set, even the largest size they have is "too small" in the sense that it won't match the whole speaker base, however, aesthetically it's actually quite pleasing because it gives the speakers almost a "floating feeling" though if you're getting hyper-technical and nitpicky about it, you'd need exact matches for the speakers you have, however, unless you're in a very expensive recording studio these are still going to be a really good option especially when you consider the price and should be absolutely great for just about any desktop speaker you can buy even into the thousands of dollars just because they're silicone wedges!Basically, these are great and a really good buy for your desktop speakers!

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