VESA Adapter for Dell S2*18, S2*19, and SE2*19 Monitors

$ 29.99
Fits Dell S2218H, SE2219H, S2318HX, S2318HN, S2318NX, S2319H, S2319HN, S2319NC, S2418HX, S2418HN, S2418NX, S2419H, S2419HN, S2419NX, SE2419H, SE2419HR, S2718HX, S2718HN, S2718NX, S2719H, S2719HN, S2719NX, SE2719H, and SE2719HR

Product Description

Bought a Dell S-series monitor and disappointed that you can't VESA mount it? This bracket enables you to mount select Dell S-series monitors to a desk mount, articulating arm, or any other VESA mounting system.

Fits ONLY the following Dell Monitors:

  • S2218H
  • SE2219H
  • S2318HX
  • S2318HN
  • S2318NX
  • S2319H (Does not fit Ultrathin S2419HM)
  • S2319HN
  • S2319NX
  • S2418HX
  • S2418HN
  • S2418NX
  • S2419H
  • S2419HN
  • SE2419H
  • SE2419HR
  • S2718HX (Does not fit Ultrathin S2718D)
  • S2718HN
  • S2718NX
  • S2719H (Does not fit Ultrathin S2719DM)
  • S2719HN
  • S2719NX
  • SE2719H
  • SE2719HR

**Does not fit any other models or brands! Check to make sure your monitor is listed before ordering! **

Fits Standard VESA Hole Patterns: 75 mm x 75 mm, 100 mm x 100 mm

Included are nuts to secure the bracket to the VESA mount, and the only tool required for installation is a screwdriver that fits the screws that came with your VESA mount.

A VESA mount can be used to save desk space or provide additional viewing flexibility by mounting the monitor on a stand, movable arm, multiple-monitor mount, or a wall mount.


Included Hardware
  • Mounting bracket
  • (4) VESA screws

101-1046-V3 Manual

Item Weight

0.75 pounds

VESA Pattern

75mm x 75mm and 100mm x 100mm



Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Dan M.
Probably ok,

Looks like it would work, I'm having trouble getting the original monitor stand off , the process doesn't match the included instructions.

Clifford O.
Does exactly what it says it does

Easy to install, clicks right in place, feels solid, mounts to my VESA mounts, and stays in place. Absolutely perfect. Nice job!

Donna Smith
Easy to install, and works great - very sturdy!

The device is well packaged and the instructions are clear and easy to follow. The best part is that the device is EXTREMELY well made - high quality metal, powder-coated finish, and the VESA holes match up perfectly with the monitor stand. I'm delighted!

Alex C.
Works great

Easy to use. Works well.

Phani R.

Very good product