Desktop Speakers

$ 114.99 $ 124.99
With Tube Preamp and Bluetooth 5.0

Sound that packs a big punch but comes in a little package. The HumanCentric Desktop Speakers feature a tube pre-amp for a well rounded, balanced sound. Experience crystal clear highs up to 48 kHz with HyperFocus tweeters. 

The Desktop Speakers connect to via Bluetooth, Aux, or RIAA Phono Port. 

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Customer Reviews

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Greg Saunders
The little speakers with the big sound. One (minor) caveat...

These little speakers are awesome for their size. Crisp highs, punchy midrange, even a little bass. What sets them apart is the superior soundstage - they have nice stereo separation and are a joy to listen to. My only peeve? As the vacuum tubes have a finite life, I would like to turn the amp off each night. The power switch is in the back, wedged between a couple of the connections. Move it to the front, and this speaker system wound be darn near perfect! (And, in any case) a great value.

Mark Littman

Absolutely love the quality of sound and the great look on my desk.......... great value for anyone...

Marcel N
I gave in to a new brand

Found these on Amazon, and although I wish I could still get the white versions, I'm greatly pleased with the performance and design : )

I was tempted to get Bose Sounds Companion simply because I know their quality is good, but clear mids aren't desirable for the range of music and podcasts I listen to.

I consume hours a week of LinkedIn Learning material and generally listen electronic and classical music. Whether I want to hear every word the lecturer is sharing or absorbing myself into rumbly bass with hints of classical music, there delightful speakers provide that full dynamic sound.

I'm not a masterful reviewer, but am happy to leave the 1st, and want to inspire you to invest into this product so we can look forward to more models : )

Thank you HumanCentric for a unique design and incredible performance! My only wish is that each speaker housed a tube to balance out the look.

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