VESA Mounting Shelf for Monitors, DSLR Camera Monitor Mount

$ 39.99

Give yourself a professional video conferencing and online streaming set-up with a better desk camera mount. Replace awkward clamp tripod mounts and put your DSLR camera above the top of your monitor.

The monitor shelf mounts to the back of your monitor using VESA screws. Mount with or without a VESA arm depending on the design of your computer monitor.

Secure a DSLR camera, webcam light, microphone, or webcam above your monitor using 1/4 20 screws.

Includes shelf, M4 VESA screws, M4 spacers, M4 washers, and 1/4 20 screws to mount the shelf and your accessories. Tripod heads are not included.

Stay organized and route cables through the shelf behind your screen. Secure your accessories in the middle of your desk without large poles, booms, or arms crowding your space.

Small shelf dimensions: 4.92” wide x 3.04” deep. The bracket is 11.67” tall.

Large shelf dimensions: 17” wide x 3.04” deep. The bracket is 11.67” tall.

Extra Largeshelf dimensions: 27.16” wide x 3.38” deep. The bracket is 11.67” tall.


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Customer Reviews

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Great for a single DSLR or webcam.

Pricey, but worth it

Build quality is good and comes with screws and washers just about for every distance that I reasonable. It's sturdy, feels robust, and it passed a simple bending durability test. Be warned, this is 100mm VESA compatible only. The product description is on point, just as long as you fully read it. Overall, I wish this was around $35. But I don't see another product like this on the market except for vivo, which costs around $20, which I find too cheap and worried that the materials are as well.

GioVanni Spallanzani

Light weight, well made, looks cool, functions well, comes with everything I need to mount gear and install behind a monitor.Installation can be tricky, but not super hard.

Alyss N
Convenient Mount for Sony ZV-1 Webcam, but Limited Positioning Options

The HumanCentric DSLR Monitor Mount proved to be a handy solution for mounting my Sony ZV-1 webcam. Its sturdy construction provided a reliable and secure hold for my camera. However, it falls short when it comes to positioning flexibility.While the mount served its purpose well, allowing me to attach my Sony ZV-1 webcam easily, I found its range of adjustable positions somewhat limited. The mount has fixed positions and doesn't offer much room for adjustments or different viewing angles. This restriction can be a downside if you require more flexibility in positioning your camera.To overcome this limitation, I supplemented the mount with a pivoting gimbal screw mount. This additional accessory allowed me to achieve a greater range of camera positions, giving me the versatility I needed for various recording setups. I achieved better camera angles for streaming and zoom calls with the combined HumanCentric DSLR Monitor Mount and the pivoting gimbal screw mount.Overall, the HumanCentric DSLR Monitor Mount is reliable for mounting the Sony ZV-1 webcam. While it may lack the desired flexibility in positioning, it can still serve its purpose effectively. Consider supplementing it with a pivoting gimbal screw mount or similar accessory to unlock a wider range of camera positions. With this combination, you can enhance your recording setup and achieve the desired angles for your content creation needs.

A Real Tech
Won't fit all monitors

It looks decent enough. The holes match and everything. Unfortunately it doesn't fit on my gaming monitor which has a very deep inset VESA mount and the provided bushings aren't long enough to accommodate. It's unfortunate because I don't know of another solution. I wish they would have come with deeper bushings

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