UnderDock - USB-C Docking Station

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Mounts Under Your Desk for Wire-Free Workspace

  • This UnderDock USB-C docking station is for laptop users that want a clean but powerful desk set up: Route your large single monitor HDMI, ethernet, and peripheral USB cables once and for all. Minimize set up time in a hybrid work environment by plugging in and unplugging one USB-C connection to your laptop. Works with MacBooks, Surface Pro, ThinkPad, XPS, and other laptops with USB-C ports.
  • How it works: After mounting the UnderDock, plug in and route all your critical cables to it. When you sit down to work, plug in your laptop via USB-C and instantly connect to everything connected to the UnderDock. When you’re at your desk, the docking station acts as a hub and port replicator. It provides power to your laptop and connects to all your peripherals. When you leave, simply unplug your laptop and bring it with you. Everything else stays connected to the UnderDock.
  • We love this set up paired with a vertical laptop stand for the ultimate clutter free and productivity enhancing laptop desk. Use your laptop in clamshell mode with an external monitor, keyboard and mouse. The flexibility of a laptop doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice optimization. Take advantage of wired internet, a larger screen, and more ports without the big mess on your desk. Includes cable management clips (2X), desk cable catch to hold the laptop USB-C cable.
  • All the ports you need and includes an 87W wall charger: Front ports - USB 3.0, USB 2.0, SD & Micro SD. Rear Ports - USB-C with PD (2X), HDMI (1X), Ethernet, USB 3.0. The UnderDock comes with an 87W USB-C PD wall charger to power the docking station and your laptop. Important note: The two USB C ports are power delivery ports. One must be plugged into the wall charger and the other must be plugged into your laptop. There are no additional USB-C ports.

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Dan Purnell
Great Product

Awesome product that minimizes all the cables you typically see in office desk setup. So easy to plug one thing in and everything works. Access to additional USB and memory cards slots are seamless and convenient. Love it.

Kellen Cross

This is a quality build product. PERFECT for under-mounting to my desk. Would have liked at least one USB C port on the front. I highly recommend this product.

Solid build quality, mounting and charging power

I mounted this charger below my TV stand. The metal frame is very sturdy. It charges my tablet, Nintendo Switch and it's controllers and my XBOX controller docking charger. No humming noise, no heat...absolutely recommend it.

Jason Biggs
Despite a single pain point, this thing is pretty great

I’m a fan of this product. Super easy to get installed and it keeps my charging secure on my desk. The one thing I would change is the power cable. It’s thick-ish, flat, and more rigid than I’d like. If it were even just a round cable, it would’ve been immensely more easy to cable manage under my desk.

Andrew J Thompson
Great product, but included adhesive was not strong enough to hold it under desk

The product works great, and build quality is great. However, it has metal chassis that is surprisingly heavy. I tried mounting this to the underside of my desk, using the included adhesive/double-sided tape, but after about a day or two, it fell due to the weight. I had to add to superglue it to keep in place.A minor drawback, but worth keeping in mind.

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