Small Form Factor Under Desk and Wall Mount Bracket

$ 24.99


  • Fits most small form factor PCs and devices. Adjustable under desk computer mount and wall PC mount bracket fits many SFF size devices including CPU, UPS, mini PC, GPU, eGPU cases. Fits devices with a width from 1.75” to 8” (except devices 4.5” to 5.9” wide) and a perimeter between 24” and 48”.
  • Supports under desk CPU mount or PC wall mount set up. Includes the necessary hardware for both. Install based on your desktop needs, cord management, ventilation and SFF computer mount device preferences.
  • Mounts with straps: Includes two sets of straps for smaller and larger devices - simply thread the straps through the device using the included manual before mounting the bracket.
  • Scratch free design: Includes rubber padding to prevent any scratches on your computer tower case, uninterruptable power supply, external graphics card, mini pc case, or other device exterior.
  • Compatibility: Fits the following SFF computers — Dell Optiplex 7070 SFF, Optiplex 5070 / 5060 / 5055 SFF, Optiplex 3070 / 3060 SFF, Optiplex XES SFF, Vostro Small Desktop, Precision 3000 / 3430 / 3431 SFF, and HP EliteDesk 705 SFF, ProDesk 600 / 400, Slimline Desktop, CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD UPS, CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD UPS, CP1350PFCLCD UPS, and more.



Included Hardware
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Mounting Straps (2 lengths)
  • Wood Screws
  • Drywall Anchors and Screws
  • VESA screws
  • Rubbing Padding

101-2082 Manual


Manual PDF download

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Customer Reviews

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J. Howard
Good product, bad fasteners

If it weren't for the included fasteners this would get 5 stars.Tip to product designers: specify the EXACT hardware to be used. If you don't, someone in procurement will purchase the cheapest junk on the market. This product is pretty decent, but the screws that come with it are clearly manufactured by an offshoot of some 3rd-tier steel mill in China with no clue how fasteners are supposed to be made. The heads strip with very little torque, so to use them in wood you need to oversize the pilot hole which weakens the mount.Buy separate screws when purchasing this item. I swapped for some Hillman #12 wood screws and they fit great for a secure mount.

Buy #12 Screws

I mounted a very heavy (25lb) UPS under my desk and it seems to hold up.Less worried about Velcro and was worried more about the tiny mounting hardware for the weight. I bought #12 screws (3/4 length in my case, but desk vary) and PRE-DRILLED desk (This is important) and it seems rock solid. Be sure to tape drill bit to depth of screw so you don’t drill through desk!Thr #12 screws needed PH3 Phillips head. (There are 3 (common) sizes to Phillips heads if you didn’t know. PH3 is “largest” and you should use that size or they WILL strip.If you want to mount it while laying under desk, I recommend marking ONE hole, drilling it, then mounting the bracket loosely with one screw. After you have bracket positioned how you want, finish tightening that screw. Then follow up with bracket mounted to desk drilling and screwing last 4.Thr bracket is strong enough. No worries there.

Works better than I thought.

I purchased this for my UPS under my desk. I was weary it wouldn’t be able to handle the weight but it had no issues! The smaller straps worked great for the UPS. The mount was easy to configure to my desk. I would definitely recommend this product !


Using it with my InWin Chopin and it's working despite the odd shape of this case.

Great for holding a UPS

I mounted this under my Uplift desk to hold my CyberPower UPS battery backup. Great way to keep all the power cords from getting caught when raising the desk up and down.This mount is way too small for a mid-atx PC case, but it is the perfect size for my use case and very easy to install.

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