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It's a light

It's a light to improve the quality of your streaming... didn't find the light very great. Definitely didn't improve my sleep patterns on days I used it.Semi-bright but mostly just irritating.

K. Anderson
Product will not stay lit

Less than 2 years old and this product stopped functioning. It will not stay lit, as though it is uncharged. However, it is actively plugged in, so power is not the issue. Unfortunately, I've been busy and did not get around to reaching out to support until today. Exactly 7 days after access to support expired. Planned obsolescence at it's worst. Not a crazy expensive product, but, also not chump change. Plus, at barely more than 2 years old it is trash. This is why the planet is dying.

Frank Gallagher
Good but not great

It's a nice product, well designed and works well but doesn't put out a lot of light. If you clip it on a laptop and are directly in front of it, like within a foot or two, it's fine and puts out a soft and pleasing light. I work off an external monitor and the light sits about 30 inches away from my face where it's too weak to really illuminate me for a zoom call. I like it but have to supplement it. Maybe two of these together would work well.

William S.
Great lighting, terrible battery

The light this produces is great, and the mount worked quite well on both my laptop and desktop. The only complaint I have is that the battery became unusable very soon after I started using it, no longer holding a charge for more than a few seconds, and after keeping it plugged in on my desktop for a few months the whole thing buckled (see pic). It now produces a very high pitched whine when plugged in. It still works, but the noise makes it unusable.

N. Cohen
Not as good as hoped

I thought at first it provided a lot better lighting, but I have now realized that although it is better than before, it isn't as great as I had hoped.

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