Headphone Hanger with USB Charger

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Eric Mercer
Love it!!!

I really like they compactness and the low profile of the headphone hangers. This is my second set and they work and look well.


Great product! Works really well! Product made it on time and I will definitely order from them again.

Cool solution

Nice and convenient way to store my Xbox and ps5 headsets and charge at the same time

Jeremy Latour
Good but not great, with a misleading product photo.

Short version: It's fine.I used screws, so I can't speak to the included adhesive, but I would recommend screws over adhesive for most uses. It's good to have USB charging ports, but at least one USB-C port would have been great. The lack of USB-C makes it feel out-of-date.My biggest issue is with the current product photo. It shows two pairs of headphones hanging on the product, one of which is a pair of AirPods Max. AirPods Max will NOT sit on the hook in the way shown in the picture. The hook is too small, and pushes the AirPods out in such a way that the hook pokes through the mesh on the band. I wouldn't trust it for long-term use, so I won't be hanging them there. I also have some standard studio headphones, and it works perfectly for it.

Jeremy H.
Stay organized and easy to grab

Keeps headphones out of way and easy to grab when needed

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