VESA Mount Adapter for Apple iMacs, LED Cinema Displays, and Thunderbolt Display (new patent-pending design)


This adapter allows you to VESA mount the following Apple iMacs and displays:

  • Apple Thunderbolt Display
  • LED Cinema Display
  • 24-inch iMac (aluminum)
  • 27-inch iMac (late 2009, mid 2010, mid 2011)


This is NOT a clone of the Apple-designed bracket – it has been completely re-designed to eliminate the hole alignment problems with the original Apple model.


Not all models are compatible, check yours carefully. This adapter bracket only works with models that have a removable stand. There are many helpful “remove iMac stand” videos online which show you how to check if your stand is removable.


Supports standard VESA hole pattern 100 mm x 100 mm


  • A1267
  • A1312
  • A1316
  • A1407
  • Cinema Display 24" LED (Model A1267)
  • Cinema Display 24" LED (Model MB382LL/A)
  • Cinema Display 27" LED (Model A1316)
  • Cinema Display 27" LED (Model MC007LL/A)
  • iMac 24" Model MA878LL
  • iMac 24" Model MB325LL/A
  • iMac 24" Model MB398LL/A
  • iMac 24" Model MB418LL/A
  • iMac 24" Model MB419LL/A
  • iMac 24" Model MB420LL/A
  • iMac 27.0" Model MB952LL/A
  • iMac 27.0" Model MB953LL/A
  • iMac 27.0" Model MC510LL/A
  • iMac 27.0" Model MC511LL/A
  • iMac 27" Model A1312
  • iMac 27" Model MC813LL/A
  • iMac 27" Model MC814LL/A
  • MA878LL
  • MB325LL/A
  • MB382LL/A
  • MB398LL/A
  • MB418LL/A
  • MB419LL/A
  • MB420LL/A
  • MB952LL/A
  • MB953LL/A
  • MC007LL/A
  • MC510LL/A
  • MC511LL/A
  • MC813LL/A
  • MC814LL/A
  • MC914LL/A
  • MC914LL/B
  • Thunderbolt Display 27" (Model MC914LL/A)
  • Thunderbolt Display 27" (Model MC914LL/B)
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Even though these monitors weren't made with mounting holes, our convenient bracket enables you to connect your Apple iMac or display anyway! Whether you're looking to mount it on the wall or just get it off your desk, this bracket will let you connect your monitor in seconds. Works with double and triple (and more) mounts too!


This adapter is different from anything else on the market. The alignment issues that plagued the original Apple adapter (and all its clones) have been eliminated for a greatly improved fit that you can't find anywhere else.


You'll be able to install this bracket quickly and easily - all specialized tools included! We've completely redesigned this adapter to eliminate the alignment issues found in the Apple version, and tested it extensively to make sure it fits your monitor just right.


If you have any problems with your mount, send it right back to us - no questions asked. Our bracket is guaranteed to fit your monitor, or your money back.