Our Workspace Collection has all the elements you need to create a productive and ergonomic workspace with a consistent design language. The product of more than two years of research and development, we're confident that the Workspace Collection can bring focus and clarity to your workday.

Meet the Players

The desk shelf

The Desk Shelf brings organization and comfort to your workspace by creating spaces to conveniently conceal or display your workspace tools. Elevating the screen to eye level reduces neck strain, and adding the optional storage drawer brings even more style and functionality to your setup.


Developed through our workspace research and found on more than 450,000 desks around the world, our products help you create a space that is focused and creative. Every piece in the Workspace Collection was painstakingly designed by our team to give you the space for comfort and creativity.

A Better Workplace

Our founder, Simcha, started HumanCentric after working in the creative, corporate, and startup worlds. Simcha wanted a way to improve the workplace experience and created HumanCentric to bring that dream to life.