Hi, I’m Simcha. I started HumanCentric because I desperately wanted to do my best work, and I wanted to give other talented people the opportunity to do their best work too.

Like many other people, I experienced the frustration of feeling like I would be able to accomplish much more if I was given the chance. I believed that I had the ability to do great work, but I wasn’t finding the match between my skills and an opportunity that I could really excel in.

From an outside perspective, I always had a great job - first I was a sound engineer in NYC working on independent films and TV productions, and then I was a consultant at one of the world’s leading consulting firms. But I always felt like I hadn’t found a place where I could make a real difference. And I always found that the most talented people I worked with also felt the same way - frustrated and stifled.

I was sure that I had to discover a career that I was passionate about, something extremely innovative and exciting. I needed to follow my passion. Problem was, I wasn’t quite sure what my passion was. But I was determined to find out.

When I first started HumanCentric, it began a SaaS startup that helped talented people discover innovative companies that they would love to work for. That’s what I wanted, and I saw that other talented people wanted it too. While that version of HumanCentric didn’t take off, I was still set on figuring this out.

Unexpectedly, a friend of mine approached me with the opportunity to design a workspace accessory that he wanted but couldn’t find on the market. After some friendly encouragement (e.g. “do it now or I’m giving the idea to someone else”), he convinced me to try it out. After all, I had always been passionate about creating a great workspace.

So I designed the product, had it manufactured locally here in Chicago, put it up for sale, and people bought it - and HumanCentric became a workspace company. And when I packed the product to ship it to the customer, it hit me. This is what I had always been looking for. I didn’t need cutting-edge innovation and to follow my (yet to be discovered) passion - I just needed an effective work environment where I could use the skills I had gained to deliver value to a customer without feeling like I was wasting my time on work that didn’t need to be done in the first place.

In previous positions, there were always “arbitrary” limitations that prevented me from doing the best work that I was capable of. Working hours or locations that made it difficult for me to balance my health or personal life. Arbitrary tasks, reports, or due dates. Lack of independence to solve the most important problems at hand. Toxic management or work culture. Bureaucracy. And so much more.

But here, the only limitations were the natural limitations of time, money, and the market. And it completely transformed my work experience. I was able to invest in creating an effective work environment for myself (one that supported my schedule, health, ergonomics, productivity, and focus). And once I experienced it, I wanted to do the same for others. So that’s why we run HumanCentric the way that we do, and why we’re dedicated to helping other people create an effective work environment so they can accomplish their best work.

My vision for HumanCentric is to help as many talented people as possible experience this type of work, and to help them remove the boundaries that prevent them - and the people they manage - from bringing out their full potential. When people have a better experience at work, it can have a massive positive impact on their overall wellbeing and life experience.

I hope you’ll join me in making this vision a reality.

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