Vertical Laptop Stand

$ 34.99

The Vertical Laptop Stand is designed to save space and organize your workspace in style. Connect an external monitor, keyboard and mouse to your laptop, then dock your laptop in the stand to save desk space and to protect your device from spills.

Silicone pads protect your laptop and keep the stand securely in place. Machined from solid aluminum and anodized for a premium finish.

Patented adjustment mechanism automatically adjusts the stand to the correct size when the laptop is inserted. Works for laptops up to 1" in thickness.

Automatically Adjusting

Vertical Laptop Stand

Adaptable Design

One Size Fits All

Fits laptops and MacBook models up to one inch thick (works with laptop skins and cases as well). Comes in three different colors to match the your laptop or MacBook.

sleek and minimal

Auto Grip Design

Instantly and securely grips the laptop once you place it in the stand.

save space

Organize Your Desktop

Store your laptop vertically to regain valuable desk space.