Video Conference Light Bar

$ 49.99

Look natural on video calls with a HumanCentric Video Conference Light Bar, the world's first expandable low-profile video conference lighting solution. Perfect for video conferencing, Zoom calls, streaming, online classes, and more. Powered by USB-C.

Features adjustable brightness and color temperature to match your room and skin tone and a webcam-style mount for easy set up and removal.

Add additional lights to your system to expand up to four lights for dual or ultrawide monitors. Save by purchasing a dual light system. Each light is 8" wide.

The Single package includes one base light, light controller, and USB-C cable.

The Double package includes one base light, light controller, USB-C cable and one Add-On Only light. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Add-On Only light requires a separate Single or Double HumanCentric light kit, which includes the lighting controller, to function. Add-On Only light does not include a power cable or lighting controller. It will not work without another kit. 

  • Easy set up and removal - the monitor or laptop light sits on top of your screen with a webcam style stand.
  • Preinstalled diffuser provides a soft light panel for a more natural glow and appearance.
  • Use the control to adjust brightness and temperature.
  • Expandable up to four lights (sold separately).
  • Powered by USB-C
  • Light width: 8"

Customer Reviews

Based on 114 reviews
So bright!

These lights are amazing for illuminating a darkened camera view. You get two in this pack but I only use one as it’s so bright. Also, they do take a lot of power so one is enough when plugging it in and remaining on battery power.

Diane R.
Works great

I’ve tried multiple lights to improve visualization during streamed meetings. These Two lights give a balanced, well-lit view.

Small but mighty

I love that these aren’t bulky like a ring light, however the back of my monitors are more curved and aren’t the same width across so they don't sit as secure as they should and fall off easily if I bump them slightly which is annoying but not a deal breaker. Other than that they make me look well lit on video calls.

Just another Drone Dude
Overpriced but works

They do what they say but you could definitely get the same quality for around 20$ else where.

Nice form factor and well-made, but not bright enough

Like the lights, but even at highest brightness they are inadequate. I have closed all blinds and shades behind me and these lights still do not throw enough light. (I have two on top of my monitor).Adding a third light, we update once I do that.

Single Light Bar

Dual Light Bars


Video Conference Light Bars

A low-profile solution for optimal video call lighting


Video Conference Light Bars

Color temperature control for natural and professional lighting in seconds.

Sleek and Minimal

Evenly Diffused Lighting

Look your best on video calls without bulky ring lights,
tripods, or other contraptions. Powered by USB-C.


Start with a single light for a laptop, and expand
up to four lights for an ultra-wide monitor.