Video Conference Lights - Triple Light Kit

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Present your best on video calls with a HumanCentric Video Conference Light Bar Triple Light Kit, the world's first expandable low-profile video conference lighting solution. Perfect for video conferencing, Zoom calls, streaming, online classes, and more. Powered by USB-C.

Features adjustable brightness and color temperature to match your room and skin tone and a webcam-style mount for easy set up and removal.

The Triple Light Kit includes three total lights: one base light, one light controller, one USB-C power cable and two Add-On Only lights. Use three connected lights for large and ultrawide monitors.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Add-On Only lights require one connected base light kit, which includes the light controller, to function. Add-On Only lights do not include a power cable or lighting controller. Add-On Only lights will not work without the base light kit and light controller connection.

Single, Double, and Add-On Only Kits

  • Easy set up and removal - the monitor or laptop light sits on top of your screen with a webcam style stand.
  • Preinstalled diffuser provides a soft light panel for a more natural glow and appearance.
  • Use the control to adjust brightness and temperature.
  • Expandable up to four lights (sold separately).
  • Powered by USB-C
  • Light width: 8"

Customer Reviews

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Roland Jadryev
Good lighting

Good light, nice range of color warmth and intensity, great design. The clips are the weak link, if you put them on top, they’re ok, but not possible to clamp on sides. I have one on my screen and two sitting on my desk (to left and right of screen) where they slide around. Cords in between triple lighting kit should be a few inches longer for more flexibility of placement.

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Video Conference Light Bars

A low-profile solution for optimal video call lighting


Video Conference Light Bars

Color temperature control for natural and professional lighting in seconds.

Sleek and Minimal

Evenly Diffused Lighting

Look your best on video calls without bulky ring lights,
tripods, or other contraptions. Powered by USB-C.


Start with a single light for a laptop, and expand
up to four lights for an ultra-wide monitor.