Step into the workspace of Matt Tran - a content creator from Austin, Texas (you may know him as @nvizion on social media). Matt enjoys making captivating tech and lifestyle videos, and he recently undertook a project to transform his home office desk setup.

At HumanCentric, we were thrilled to dive in and support Matt with this project. 

For Matt, this wasn't just a simple rearrangement of furniture or a few aesthetic tweaks. 

No, Matt embarked on a full-scale office makeover, changing the way he interacts with his workspace, and ultimately, how he works.

Join us as we explore how Matt Tran utilized HumanCentric products to create a stylish and functional workspace

Watch Matt’s video here:

What's in Matt's Desk Setup?

The Standing Desk

Matt chose our Workflow Desk with a black frame and Maple woodtop.

"There's no denying that the unique grain patterns and natural color variation of hardwoods give the desk top a beautiful distinctive look"

Matt Tran - @nvizion

The Desk Shelf

Since Matt spends a lot of time in his home office, it's crucial for him to keep his desk uncluttered and organized. That's where the Desk Shelf comes in.

“Having a Desk Shelf or Monitor Riser keeps the desk space from being cluttered and allows you to neatly store small items and accessories”

Matt Tran - @nvizion

The Wrist Rest

Matt loves mechanical keyboards. However, their thickness can sometimes strain your wrists. To address this issue, we gave him our very own Wrist Rest.

“For the longest time I never used a Palm Rest. It wasn't until I started using mechanical keyboards with their thicker design that I appreciated having one. It allows me to type more comfortably for longer periods of time”

Matt Tran - @nvizion

The Laptop Stand

Matt occasionally needs to work on a MacBook or iPad, so we provided him with our Laptop Stand.

“I really like the look of this Laptop Riser, I think the combination of wood and aluminum looks really good”

Matt Tran - @nvizion

The Desk Mat

A must-have for every desktop: a Desk Mat.

“The Desk Mat is very soft and the mouse has no issues gliding smoothly”

Matt Tran - @nvizion

The Workspace Collection

All the elements you see on Matt's amazing workspace are part of our Workspace Collection.

If Matt's setup has sparked your inspiration, we've conveniently curated this bundle with you in mind. Save +$100 buying Matt's desk accesories by bundling.