The HumanCentric

Keep track of all your stuff.
Works with the Apple® Find My app.


The HumanCentric Tracker is an easy way to keep track of your stuff.

Attach a tracker to your keys, your wallet, or your purse!
And they’re on your radar in the Apple® Find My App.

Save money by protecting your valuable products

One Per Tracker

Vegan Leather Keychain Holder

The HumanCentric Tracker comes with a free Vegan Leather Keychain Holder to protect and easily carry and attach the tracker to various items.


Do I need to install a separate app?

No, no separate app is required. Pair the HumanCentric tracker with the Apple Find My app. HumanCentric doesn’t manage any of the data and doesn’t have access to your location. All data is managed by Apple and takes advantage of their privacy features.

What’s the difference between the HumanCentric Tracker and the Apple AirTag?

In addition to making an audible “chirp” sound to assist with locating your item, the Apple AirTag also enables “turn-by-turn” directions to locate your item when it is close by (when using a supported iOS device). The HumanCentric Tracker provides the audible chirp, but does not support the Precision Finding feature.

Also, in addition to the ability to look up the owner’s contact information in the Find My app when you locate an item that has been marked as lost, the Apple AirTag also lets you look up this information by tapping the AirTag with an NFC-enabled phone. The HumanCentric tracker provides the ability to look up the owner’s information via the Find My app, but does not include the NFC chip.

Can HumanCentric track my location?

No. HumanCentric only provides the Apple-certified tracker hardware device and does not manage any user or location data. The tracker is paired to the Find My app, and all data is managed by Apple. (Apple’s data is encrypted so even people at Apple can’t determine your location.)