The Workflow Desk

The premium height-adjustable desk you've been waiting for. Made-to-order right here in the Midwest. 🇺🇸

Workflow Desk

$ 1,899.00

Introducing the Workflow Desk, the newest addition to our Workspace Collection. Our new height adjustable Workflow Desk is made right here in the Midwest, and offers style, ergonomics, and quality that is unmatched by any other desk on the market. In developing this desk, we spent a ton of time working out every detail - selecting the materials and working with our local manufacturing partners - to create a desk that both looks great and offers fantastic ergonomics.

    Made to Order

    Your Workflow Desk is made to order by some of the best craftsmen in the US to achieve the best quality possible. Ships in 20-30 business days. Free shipping to the continental US.

    Why the Workflow Desk is Better

    Ergonomic. Height adjustable to adapt to your body, including presets for typing, sketching, and standing.

    Embedded Controls. Touch sensitive controller embedded right into the desktop for a sleek, minimalist look

    Premium Tops. Sold wood butcher block tops made from full-length rails in Black Walnut and Maple, or premium 3D laminate in Focus White

    American Made. Made by the best manufacturers in the Midwest

    Warranty and Returns


    Frame: 10-year warranty

    Wood Desktops: 3-year warranty

    Laminate Desktops: 5-year warranty

    Return & Exchange

    We’re so convinced you’ll love your Workflow Desk that we give you 30 days from the ship date to return your product if you aren’t satisfied.

    *Please note: Desktops are on backorder. Estimated ship date mid-February.

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    Modern Style Meets Optimal Ergonomics

    Why the workflow desk?

    Ergonomic. Height adjustable to adapt to your body, including presets for typing, sketching, and standing.
    Minimalist. Our touch sensitive controller is embedded right into the desktop for a sleek, minimalist look.
    Premium Tops. Solid butcher block tops made from full-length rails in Black Walnut or Maple, or our premium 3D laminate in Focus White.
    American Made. Made by the best manufacturers in the Midwest


    Height Range: 21" to 47" (measured from floor to bottom of desk surface)

    Length: 48", 60", or 72"

    Depth: 30"

    Thickness: Butcher Block 1.5", 3D Laminate 1.125"

    About Our Materials

    Solid Wood Butcher Block Tops:

    Our solid wood desktops are manufactured right here in the Midwest by craftsmen that have been making these since the late 1800s. They’re made of Grade A hardwood and feature full length rails.

    About Full-Length Rails:

    Some butcher block is made of smaller finger-jointed pieces that are glued together to make a longer strip. Our desk is made of full-length continuous rails (strips of solid wood), so no joints are visible along the front of the desk. It’s finished with a proprietary virtually maintenance-free semi-gloss finish that seals and protects the wood, making it extremely resistant to spotting and staining with proper care. It is impervious to most household chemicals and is easily cleaned with mild soap and water. 

    3D Laminate:

    When you hear "laminate" you may think of cheap floor tiles or low quality MDF furniture. Our desktop is totally different. Our 3D Laminate is engineered for stunning aesthetics and durability, plus features higher impact, scratch and stain resistance than traditional laminate surfaces. This is a heavy, high-quality desktop.

    3D lamination is a state-of-the-art process adopted by very few manufacturers due to the need for advanced equipment. Rather than laminating the desk surface and wrapping the edge of the desk in "edge banding", the 3D laminate process fully wraps around the edges of the desk surface resulting in a seamless finish. This results in a far superior and mure durable product to conventional laminate.

    Where It's Made

    The Desktop

    Both our butcher block and laminate desktops are designed by the HumanCentric team in Chicago and made to our specifications right here in the Midwest by local manufacturing partners. The wood is sustainably sourced from local mills in the American Northeast and Midwest.

    The Frame

    The desk frame is made by one of the most respected manufacturers of standing desk frames in the world. The frame and controller system are designed in Denmark and assembled in the US with domestic and international components. The steel frame and motor assembly are from the US and Europe, while the controller is produced in Asia.

    Corporate Orders

    We're happy to work with you to outfit your office with the Workflow Desk. For larger orders, we're able to offer custom wood tops or laminate finishes to match your project's design. Bulk pricing is available.

    Expert Craftsmanship

    American Made

    Each desk is made-to-order by the best manufacturers in the Midwest to achieve incredible quality and craftsmanship.

    Sleek & Minimalist

    Embedded Controls

    The touch-sensitive controller is embedded into the desktop for a sleek, minimalist look. The desk features collision detection and enhanced safety features, and its adjustment range and stability meet benchmarks for even the most demanding office applications.

    Simcha, Founder & CEO

    Customize your Desk

    Do Your Best Work

    The Workflow Desk is available in three desktop options, three lengths, and black or white frames.