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VESA Adapter for Dell S2*18, S2*19, and SE2*19 Monitors

SKU: 101-1046-V3





$ 29.99
Fits Dell S2218H, SE2219H, S2318HX, S2318HN, S2318NX, S2319H, S2319HN, S2319NC, S2418HX, S2418HN, S2418NX, S2419H, S2419HN, S2419NX, SE2419H, SE2419HR, S2718HX, S2718HN, S2718NX, S2719H, S2719HN, S2719NX, SE2719H, and SE2719HR

Product Description

Bought a Dell S-series monitor and disappointed that you can't VESA mount it? This bracket enables you to mount select Dell S-series monitors to a desk mount, articulating arm, or any other VESA mounting system.

Fits ONLY the following Dell Monitors:

  • S2218H
  • SE2219H
  • S2318HX
  • S2318HN
  • S2318NX
  • S2319H (Does not fit Ultrathin S2419HM)
  • S2319HN
  • S2319NX
  • S2418HX
  • S2418HN
  • S2418NX
  • S2419H
  • S2419HN
  • SE2419H
  • SE2419HR
  • S2718HX (Does not fit Ultrathin S2718D)
  • S2718HN
  • S2718NX
  • S2719H (Does not fit Ultrathin S2719DM)
  • S2719HN
  • S2719NX
  • SE2719H
  • SE2719HR

**Does not fit any other models or brands! Check to make sure your monitor is listed before ordering! **

Fits Standard VESA Hole Patterns: 75 mm x 75 mm, 100 mm x 100 mm

Included are nuts to secure the bracket to the VESA mount, and the only tool required for installation is a screwdriver that fits the screws that came with your VESA mount.

A VESA mount can be used to save desk space or provide additional viewing flexibility by mounting the monitor on a stand, movable arm, multiple-monitor mount, or a wall mount.


Included Hardware
  • Mounting bracket
  • (4) VESA screws

101-1046-V3 Manual

Item Weight

0.75 pounds

VESA Pattern

75mm x 75mm and 100mm x 100mm