How to Mount the Acer G226HQL on a VESA Mount

How to Mount the Acer G226HQL on a VESA Mount

The Acer G226HQL is a fantastic monitor that’s tremendously popular – but doesn’t come with VESA mounting holes, which has frustrated many people. In order to solve this problem, we’ve created a custom adapter that attaches to the monitor and allows you to mount it on a standard VESA mount.

In order to install the adapter, first remove the monitor base by removing the screw on the bottom. However, make sure you leave the “neck” piece connected to the monitor – you’ll need that in order to connect it to the adapter. We suggest lying the monitor face down on a soft surface while you perform this step.

Then, attach the adapter bracket to the VESA mount. If you have an earlier version of our bracket, you’ll need to attach the nuts on the other side of the bracket to secure the monitor. If you have the updated version, the hardware is pre-installed, which makes installation much easier.

In order to attach the monitor to the adapter, have someone position the monitor with the “neck” piece on top of the bracket. Then use the screw from the bottom of the monitor base to secure the monitor to the bracket. If it doesn’t tighten all the way, use the spacing washers that came with your bracket to get a tighter fit.

That’s it! We really like the fact that this allows you to mount this monitor, but there are some drawbacks you should be aware of.

First, if you are going for a dual-monitor setup with another monitor that IS VESA compatible, then it’s very likely that they will not be even. This adapter causes the monitor to sit higher than it would if it had mounting holes. To fix this, you could buy two single monitor arms, or a dual mount which allows for each monitor to be adjusted individually.

Second, you can see the adapter underneath the monitor when viewed from the front. It works and it’s not terrible, but it’s not as clean looking as built-in models.

That being said, this is the only way to mount your monitor on a VESA stand, so we hope it works for you!

October 20, 2017 — Simcha Kanter
Coming Soon: The Missing Adapter for the HP XW, CW, and CWA Series Monitors!

Coming Soon: The Missing Adapter for the HP XW, CW, and CWA Series Monitors!

January 1st, 2016

If you’re reading this post, you’ve probably read about the optional VESA Mount Kit from your user manual, or scoured the internet for the mysterious HP CVB100 VESA Mount Adapter Kit (L6V75AA). If you’ve looked long enough, you’ll realize that it doesn’t exist. Yes, very frustrating, we know. And it’s not the first time! HP did the same thing with a earlier 2*11x series as well – they reference a mounting kit in the manual, but it doesn’t exist.

However, the good news is that we’ll be releasing a compatible bracket soon. If you want to sign up to be notified when it comes out, just visit the product page and enter your information on the signup form.

During product development, however, we did make some interesting discoveries:

Even though the mounting system for all the compatible models seems identical, there is a slight difference on the inside of the monitor. On some, the plastic tabs that lock the base in place are large – in fact, too large! It’s nearly impossible to get the base out after you install it. After destroying a few in frustration, we learned that you can pry the locking mechanism open (gently) and then remove the base.

On others, the tabs are much smaller. So small, in fact, that the button doesn’t lock into place during installation. This isn’t an issue – the bracket is quite tight, and our adapter includes a screw to secure it to the back of the monitor – but it would be nice to have that satisfying “click” during installation!

We’ve completed our testing and prototyping, and the bracket is now in the manufacturing stage. When it’s ready it will be available for sale on Amazon (USA) and eBay. A few months later, it will be available on Amazon in Canada and Europe as well.

Please contact us if you have any other questions!

January 01, 2016 — Simcha Kanter