When it comes to home offices, there is one thing people often forget to emphasize enough.

You can have the best room in your house, the quietest place with the best vibes, but if you don't have a proper desk setup, you'll see your efforts to improve productivity wasted.

Simply put, it's like going on a hike with everything you need... but forgetting to put your hiking boots on.

Having a home office is not enough to work well. You have to build it to measure according to your needs (and availability) so that it is a comfortable and practical workspace at the same time. 

Here are 7 straightforward steps on how to set up a home office with the proper desk accessories.


Organize your home office's space.

The first step to setting up a home office that boosts your productivity is choosing a suitable space. Find one that helps you feel calm, focused, and positive

If you can, always prefer a space near a window with lots of natural light

Also, choose a room that can separate work and home life: having a fixed space allows you not to carry your things away every night, thus saving time and energy.

Try to get an idea of ​​your ideal workspace, and identify the elements you can adopt to influence at best your working mood: adjust the lighting, play background music, or remove distractions. 

Once you enter your space, you are in "work mode". Outline your workspace and don't deviate from it.


How to set up your desk.

If this is the first time you set up a home office, or you want to do a complete restyling (once for good), ask yourself what you really need to do your job effectively.

Again, start simple: a desk (or flat surface), a comfortable chair, Internet access, a computer, and a power outlet. The rest will come later.

The important thing is to have a clean and tidy desk, with plenty of space available, to help you concentrate better and stay in "work mode".

Remember: a clean desk leads to a tidy mind. An uncluttered mind leads to better work.

Once you have all the essentials, you can add extras as you go.

You may need, for example, a notepad and a pen to organize your ideas or tasks to do; or maybe you don't have enough light, so that you may need a desk lamp.

Don't forget the chair. A chair should be something that you find comfortable, but not too much (it is not a couch), and that can keep your spine safe for hours of work.

Choose one that works with your own body, match the height and width of your desk.

The last thing to add is some personal items that help you feel more like the space is yours. Add something unique that your workspace can benefit from, like a photo, a little calendar or a clock: everything on your desk should help you focus.

Here is a simple trick you can do right now: 
If you are reading this article from your pc, take a look around your desk. Isolate every single object and ask yourself, "Is this object helping me in my work and productivity?".

If the answer is no (most of the time, it is), get rid of it.

For example, right now, on my desk, there is my daughter's Teddy Bear (Its name is "Liffey").

It is gorgeous but quite distracting; maybe it's better if I return it to her.



Must-have accessories on your desk.

We have seen how an optimal desk can improve our work performance. But how can we improve our desk setup?

These are some must-have accessories for your home desk setup that you can also find on our website


Whether it is a desktop or laptop, you won't be able to do anything without it. 

Make sure you choose a screen size and resolution that are comfortable for your eyes, a stable Internet connection and a power outlet nearby.

Laptop Stand: 

If you are a laptop lover, using a stand to elevate your laptop closer to eye level will help prevent hunched posture, which can cause back, neck and shoulder pain. Plus, the extra space under the computer promotes better airflow. 

Mouse and Keyboard: 

Many people find that using a wireless mouse and keyboard helps them work from home more productively and comfortably to stay on the laptop theme. 


A printer is an essential element for any home office, whether it's just a basic model or a more high tech one.


If you work in a house with a lot of activity and noise (or you simply like to work with good music in the background), noise-cancelling headphones help block distractions and make it easier to focus.

Headphone Stand: 

I lost count of the times I looked at my headphones, and they were in the wrong place.

Using headphones to work? Fantastic. 

Place them randomly on the desk, making them collect dust? A little less. 

Use a comfortable stand to keep your space even tidier and, why not, more relaxed.

This shortlist of desk accessories can’t be missing from a good office desk setup, and you can find them all on our website: 

They'll allow you to work comfortably and effectively simultaneously, without giving up space, time or energy.

Some things may seem secondary, but when you look at the big picture and realize that we spend hours every day in that home office, everything that lightens or facilitates our stay in that space is welcome.



Fix your setup lightings.

There are two types of lights, natural and artificial.

If the choice is up to you, always choose a source of natural light, such as a window or similar, because it stimulates our body, relaxes us and allows for better concentration.

On the other hand, artificial lights are also important because they allow us to illuminate our desks better when natural light is not enough or is not there at all.

The best artificial lights to put into your home office desk are desk lamps. If you can, choose one with a flexible arm, so you can direct the lighting where you need it most.

And let's not forget that we are in the era of COVID-19, where innovative working and video conferencing are more and more frequent, so you will also need to make sure that the lighting is suitable for video calls.


Custom your office, like your home.

It's time to make yourself at home.

When building a home office, think about design elements that will help improve your mood and manage stress.

This step is pretty personal. Someone may perform better in a minimal environment with no elements of private life.

But the world is full of variety, so you may find these elements boosting your creativity.

A suggestive picture, some decorations your daughter made for you, or memories of your last trip. 

It's also essential to consider your well-being to maximize your productivity while working from home, and here comes green design.

Green design introduces green elements (Plants, cactus, little bonsai trees) in your working space. This can make a big difference to satisfaction and well-being (just like natural light).

And today, adding some bright green plants to your workspace is perhaps the easiest way to incorporate an eco-friendly design into your home office.

Simple observation of a plant has also been shown to lower blood pressure by minimizing feelings of stress and anxiety.



Create a break space too.

Whatever your job is, you will feel the need to stand up and take a walk sooner or later for a coffee. Sure, if you work from home, it is much more challenging to maintain this routine of regular breaks. Because hey, you are home.

But please keep in mind that taking breaks is vital, not only for your productivity but for your physical health too. 

Set a timer of 15-20 minutes on your pc (Use your phone as little as possible). Setting a timer will give you more awareness of time passing, and you’ll be more productive.

When the timer goes off, give yourself a break of 2 minutes maximum. Don’t use your phone or some other activities that may distract you; go for a walk or a glass of water.

After 4 of these pauses, you can have a longer break (30 minutes maximum).

Find a specific space for your well-deserved breaks so that you get up and walk away from your desk. If you are lucky enough to have a park nearby, that could be the best occasion to take a break getting some fresh air.

It could be your kitchen or even the garden, but wherever it is, make sure it's a place that has nothing to do with work.

This way, you can "disconnect" from what you were doing, recharge and return to your workspace with the energy needed to get back to work.

Necessary: don't make the bed your space for breaks. The break should last a few minutes, not "I lay on the bed two minutes and wake up four hours later."


Build your future home office today.

The last (but best) advice I can give you is to invest in yourself today and create a personalized home office and efficient desk setup that allows you to work from home in the best possible way.

And don't wait any longer, because this is not a trend, but a lifestyle change in which you will have to take part to improve your home and work.

Also, if you liked the post and are curious about some accessories, please visit our website; you will find many valuable and exciting tips!

October 25, 2021